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    The Carteret Football Cheer Program promotes school spirit and unity. Through cooperation and teamwork, we strive for greatness both on the field and in our daily lives. Our cheerleaders are leaders in the classroom and community, as well as motivational leaders at games and competitions. 

    Cheerleading is a demanding sport that requires a lot of strength, rhythm, and dedication. Our student athletes dance, jump, stunt, and tumble. It takes a lot of trust to be a cheerleader, because you have to have absolute faith that your teammates will catch you if you fall. We are a family, and we always have each others' backs.

    Go Ramblers!

    Contact Information:

    Head Cheer Coach: Stephanie Ramos

    Email: sramos@carteretschools.org

    Head Cheer Coach: Ashley Moy

    Email: amoy@carteretschools.org