• PE Rules

    • For safety reasons, students are required to wear sneakers on PE days. 
      • Sneakers MUST have laces OR velcro straps. Slip on shoes/sneakers will not be allowed.
        • On rainy or snowy days that students wear boots to school, please have them bring sneakers in a plastic bag.
    • Girls that choose to wear skirts to school on PE days MUST have shorts underneath to participate, otherwise she will be marked as unprepared.
    • If a student has a medical condition or injury, please send a note/medical excuse.
      • If a student will be missing more than 1 PE class, a doctor's note is required. 
    • For safety reasons, no big or hanging jewelry is allowed during PE class, but can be taken off before class starts.
PE Expectations
  • Classroom Management

    3 Strikes Discipline Rule

    1st Verbal warning
    2nd Conference with teacher (cool down spot if needed)
    3rd Sit out the rest of class
    (depending on severity or continuous behavior-call home and/or office referral)