• There are 3 types of sneakers acceptable for PE class: 
      • sneakers with laces
      • sneakers with velcro straps
      • sneakers with speed laces
    • These sneakers are considered acceptable and safe for PE because they can be tightened for safety on the students' feet.
    Below are some photo examples of each type of sneaker:
    • There are multiple types of footwear that are not acceptable for PE class.
      • any workboots, rain, or snow boots
      • dress shoes
      • slip on shoes/sneakers
      • sandals
      • cleats
      • any shoe/sneaker with a heel or platform
    • These types of footwear are considered not acceptable for PE because of the way they are designed or because they cannot be tightened and are not considered safe for PE class. 
      • Please be aware some sneakers look like they have laces or straps, but do not.
    Below are some photo examples of these types of footwear: