• The Ramblers boys soccer team has been headed by Nestor Cortina for the past 13 years.  The team is a very competitive unit that prides it self on playing good soccer but above all being great students. The team is looking farward on being competitive and making a big impact on the white divition.

  • We will like to solute and congradulate all the seniors for this year. Good luck in your future endoveurs!!

    Schedule 2019-2020
      Type Day Date Time Home/Away Opponent Location Bus Time VS JV
    1 Scrimmage Tuesday 8/20/2019 10am Home N. Plainfield Joe Medwick Park   L2-1 L3-0
    2 Scrimmage Friday 8/23/2019 10am Away Edison   8:30am L3-1 L3-1
    3 Scrimmage Tuesday 8/27/2019 10am Home Colonial Joe Medwick Park   L7-5 W3-0
    4 Scrimmage Friday 8/30/2019 10am Home Plainfield Joe Medwick Park   T0-0 L3-1
    1 Game Tuesday 9/3/2019 4pm Home New Brunswick Joe Medwick Park   L3-2 L3-0
    2 Game Saturday 9/7/2019 10am Away Metuchen   8:45am L2-1 L6-1
    3 Game Monday 9/9/2019 4:15pm Away Columbia   3pm L1-0 W1-0
    4 Game Thursday 9/12/2019 4pm Away JFK   3pm W5-1 W5-1
    5 Game Saturday 9/14/2019 10am Home S. Plainfield Joe Medwick Park   L4-0 L4-1
    6 Game Tuesday 9/17/2019 4pm Home Old Bridge Joe Medwick Park   L2-0 L3-1
    7 Game Wednesday 9/18/2019 4pm Away S. River   3pm L3-0 L4-0
    8 Game Friday 9/20/2019 4pm Away Spotswood   3pm L2-1 W2-1
    9 Game Monday 9/23/2019 4pm Home Metuchen Joe Medwick Park   L2-1 L2-1
    10 Game Wednesday 9/25/2019 4pm Away Piscataway   3pm L3-1 L7-2
    11 Game Friday 9/27/2019 4pm Home JFK Joe Medwick Park   L3-2 W5-0
    12 Game Monday 9/30/2019 4:30pm Home Dickinson Joe Medwick Park   L4-0 W2-0
    13 Game Wednesday 10/2/2019 4pm Away S. Plainfield   3pm L1-0 L1-0
    14 Game Friday 10/4/2019 4pm Home S. River Joe Medwick Park   L5-2 L1-0
    15 Game Wednesday 10/9/2019 6:00 PM Home Spotswood Joe Medwick Park   L6-0 w5-0
    16 Game Saturday 10/19/2019 10am Away Union   8:30am L5-0 L3-2
    17 Game Tuesday 10/22/2019 4pm Home Elizabeth Joe Medwick Park Cancelled    
    18 Game Monday 10/12/2018 4pm TBA GMC Play in Round EB TECH   8:30 AM W6-0  
    19 Game Tuesday 10/16/2018 4:30pm TBA GMC Prelim Round North Brunswick   2:30 PM L2-1  
    20 Game Thursday 10/24/2019 4:00 PM Away Colts Neck   3:00 PM L5-1  
  • Congradulations to the following players for making the All Divition team:


    Foti Xidias

    Foti Xidias


    Arhdeep Parmar

    Arshdeep Parmar