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    Orton Reading assesses a student's competence in foundational reading skills.  These skills predict later reading success.  In the Carteret School elementary schools, we administer the Orton to all our K-5 about three times a year. This will help monitor each student’s progression.  Please note that all testing takes place in my room on a one to one basis. All students will be tested for the first time in October.


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    There are 5 Big Ideas in Beginning Reading:

    • Phonemic Awareness : The ability to hear and manipulate sounds in spoken words
    • Alphabetic Principle : The ability to associate sounds with letters and use these sounds to form words
    • Fluency with Text: The effortless, automatic ability to read words in connected text
    • Vocabulary : The ability to understand (receptive) and use (expressive) words to acquire and convey meaning
    • Comprehension: The complex cognitive process involving the intentional interaction between reader and text to convey meaning.
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    • Here are some tips for helping your child choose books that are just right…
    • Choose books that appeal to your child’s interests
    • Look for book at their reading level
    • Kids LOVE “how-to” books
    • Find text that is clear to read
    • Encourage them to read more about their favorite character or from favorite authors
    • Beginning readers love to read stories that they heard when they were younger (think fairy tales)
    • Fun, colorful illustrations are always inviting to beginning readers



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    At school, we help students to select “just right” books, meaning books that they should be able to read on their own or with minimal help.   We ask them to rad the first page or two and keep track on their fingers how many words they miss.  If they are missing FIVE or more words, then this book might be better for a read aloud with someone and we might try to find an easier level for reading on their own.