• Hey Classroom Expectations

    • Always try your personal best and accept responsibility for your learning. 
    • Support and be considerate of your classmates’ education. 
    • Respect every person and all property of the classroom.
    • Be prepared and on time on a daily basis. 
    • Follow all Carteret Middle School rules.

     ***Remember, Room 129 is a POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT. We are here to learn and support each other in the learning process. Any form of distractions or disrespect will not be tolerated.  Never get discouraged in this class. You will succeed as long as you believe you can!  We will be here to help you as long as you try your best! 


    ready logo
    In this class, we use the Ready Math Curriculum. 
    We will be covering the following topics:
    The Number System
    Ratio and Proportional Relationships
    Expressions and Equations
    Statistics and Probability


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    In addition to the Ready Math Curriculum, we will be using the i-Ready program. Students are expected to complete 40 minutes a week. 


    Google Classroom
    All materials will be posted on Google Classroom.