• Welcome back everyone!  I hope everyone had a great summer.  I am sure it was different than other summers, but I hope you got to enjoy the time.  

    Coming back to school this year sure is different.  But we will get through everyday together and we will figure all this out as we go along.  I wish we could all be together in the classroom, but for now, we will learn everyday over the computer.  Please give me some time to learn all of your names.  I will try my hardest to do that quickly.

    As far as your supplies, while you are home you will need your Chromebook, a notebook, and pencils.  When we return, I will let you know what else you will need.  I do expect you to be on the Chromebook by 8:30 and you will need to have your screen on so I can see you.  YOUR SCREEN MUST BE ON AT ALL TIMES! That is how I will be doing attendance. 

    Please feel free to email me if you have questions when we are not on school time.  My email is listed below.  

    We are all learning how to get through school in this unique way, so we all have to be patient with each other.  I will try to make this as fun as I can while we are still learning everything we would be learning if we were in class.  

    See you soon!!!!!

    Mrs. Salvatore



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