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Carteret’s Language Arts Department


The goal of Carteret’s English department is to educate and encourage every student to think beyond the obvious and equip them with the language arts skills necessary to meet the expectations of college professors and employers.  Carteret teachers strive to develop values and attitudes that promote their students’ self-worth, interpersonal relationships, and appreciation of reading. Furthermore, the staff aims to advance student’s performance in language including vocabulary development, grammar and usage, reading comprehension, fluency, critical thinking, and writing.

The elementary grade programs builds upon language skills and knowledge that is necessary for success. The language arts block is a ninety minute block in which the children are instructed in both whole group and in small group. During this stage, children are immersed in literature and taught strategies to help with comprehension. Teachers work closely with each student ensuring that they are being challenged. One of the greatest opportunities afforded to the children of Carteret is the small group instruction. Teachers meet with the students in small group to individualize instruction guaranteeing to meet the needs of all students.

In the Middle School, the curriculum continues to develop the processes of writing, reading, speaking and listening through an integrated approach to the language arts. This includes instruction of the primary support skills. Students write essays in different genres with a high focus being placed on expository and persuasive writing. Students are encouraged to produce quality writing in all subject areas. Students experience reading through novels and every day text. Teachers have worked hard to develop units of study from the novels that compliment the Social Studies curriculum.

Finally, our high school English department focuses on literature and language. Teachers strive to encourage students to understand the importance of analysis and interpretation. Students read, discuss, and interpret works of American, British, and world literature as well as many works of non-fiction. Students respond to literature and learn how to transfer knowledge from works of literature to independent writing.

In addition to the core courses in English, the high school offers several electives: creative writing, journalism, public speaking, theater, and SAT prep.

Please visit each teacher’s site to learn more about our programs and important test dates.