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    US History and Film Studies are my professional passions. I hope to make them yours. Learning is an exciting experience. It's also a necessary component of a successful career and life. Please stick with the program, do your best, and learn along with me. My goal is to have you succeed. Together, we can make that happen.

    Welcome to Mr. Moccio's Teacher Page.



    Where do I find my class materials?

    US HISTORY 1  - Digital textbook is found on Mr. Platero's teacher page

    POLITICAL PROPAGANDA IN THE CINEMA PARTS 1 &2 -  Assignments as well as past and current films are located under Classroom News. 

    DRAMA CLUB - See door postings for current schedule or pertinent Google Docs

    Classroom Policies:

    1)  Attendance taken each day. You will be marked late if you walk in after the bell without a pass. If you are late to class, remember that 4 lates =1 absence. You are allowed 20 absences for a full year class, 10 for a half/year class. After that you will lose credit for the class.

    2)  After attendance is taken, I will check the entire class for uniform violations. If you are not in accordance with uniform policy, you will be removed from class and sent to ACS.

    3)  Cell phones may not be taken out in class for any reason. If I see your cell phone, I will ask you to place it on my desk. There are no warnings. If you refuse to place the phone on the desk, you will be removed from class and you will receive a one day in-school suspension from your vice-principal.

    4)  Please raise your hand if you wish to speak or ask a question.

    •  I will treat you with respect and courtesy. I ask that you do the same with me and your classmates...

    What you will NEED:


    1)      You will need a notebook

    2)      You will be required to keep a portfolio of your writing in class.

    3)      Your grade will be based upon a formula of participation, projects, formal assessments, and classwork/homework. Consult your handbook for the current formula.

    4)      At this point in time, there will be a final exam for all students. As per Board or School policy, there will be no exemptions from the final.



    1)      You will need a folder to keep your writing assignments.

    2)      Your grade will be based upon your written assignments and formal assessments.

    3)      There will be a final exam.




Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Louis Moccio