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    Posted by Robert Magella on 9/1/2020

    Hello all-~- Welcome to my Teacher Page. 

    This page will especially be useful while we are undertaking classes virtually at a distance, but I also have posted a series of links to the right which will continue to be useful all year.  When you have a chance, take a look.

    Now, to our Google Classrooms-~- Below I am listing the classroom code to join for each of my classes. Please ensure you have the right code, for the right period, as we will be following a period by period schedule.


    English 4 Period 1:   rgxtqqw

    English 4 Period 2:   pztcgzi 

    English 4 Period 3:   wgx6rf6

     English 3 Period 5-6:  beror7q
    English 4 Period 7-8:  rm77jjv
    Creative Writing Period 12: 24lisum
    Creative Writing Period 12 (2nd half): 
    The link to our Zoom meetings will be posted in our Classroom, then on Clever once everyone has joined the Classroom.
    I am, very much looking forward to meeting you all,
    Yours, &c.
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