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Miss Feiertag

I have been teaching in the Carteret School District for 17 years.  I started out as a Basic Skills teacher in which I taught Reading, Writing, and Math for grades K-5.   Then my title changed to Academic Enrichment teacher.  I have worked in the classroom and pulled out small groups.   The last title was RTI.  Currently, I teach Grade 2.

I am also the advisor to the Safety Patrollers.  They are recommended by their 4th Grade Teachers.    They work very hard helping the teachers and keeping students safe.

I also help out the PTO for the Tricky Tray, Student of the Month nightly events, and fundraisers.

  • Welcome to 2nd grade. 

    It will be an exciting year for you.  You will make new friends and see old ones.   Some experiences you will have in Grade 2 are Science experiments with discovering new things.    Iready Math and Reading will help enhance your skills in Reading and Math using the chromebook.    In Social Studies, you will learn about different types of communities, the State of New Jersey, and other exciting things.   

    In Iready Math, you will learn different strategies to solve problems in different ways.  Sometimes, you will turn and talk to a partner about the math.  Morning meetings are a way to connect with your classmates and learn new things about them.  We come together as a community to listen, learn and share ideas.

    In Reader's Workshop you will meet as a group for about 10 minutes to learn a strategy to help you with reading.   Then you have an opportunity to apply that strategy to your silent reading or discussion with a partner to help improve reading skills.

    You also will work on writing skills and strategies in every subject area to help make you better writers.