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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Health and Physical Education CPR and First Aid certified

Mrs. Donna Way



Carteret Middle School is a great place to be. I am a 6-8 grade Health and Physical Education teacher. 

In my classes I hope to encourage sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth, over a must win attitude. I find sport/exercise to be a great stress reliever, team building/bonding experience, and an opportunity to strengthen one’s self no matter winning or losing.

In Health and Wellness classes I will promote the power of decision making and goal setting as life skills and educate students on the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind through positive behaviors. I believe in the value of arming students with practical, lifelong health skills, which cross over subject matters and develop character.

  • A Physically Educated Person:

    *Demonstrates competency in movement forms. *Applies movement concepts and principles to the learning development of motor skills. *Achieves and maintains a health enhancing level of physical fitness. *Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity settings. *Demonstrates understanding and respect for differences among people in physical activity settings. *Understands that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression & social interaction.

    Benefits of Regular Exercise:                                                           go for it

    *Increase strength *Improve muscle tone & posture *Reduction of chronic tiredness & tension *Improved weight control *Reduction of body fat level *Reduction of resting heart rate *Improved circulation *Lowered emotional stress *Increased efficiency of the heart muscle *Improved poise & grace *Improved appearance *Reduced aches, pains & stiffness


    Physical Education Dress Standards-                                               goal

    *Sneakers - Laced athletic sneakers.  NO sandals, boots, or shoes of any type. NO slip on sneakers.

    *Socks - Socks are required.

    *NO Jewlery including watches, bracelets, rings and dangling earings.

    EXCUSE Procedures

     1. Students are excused from participation with a valid note from a parent/guardian.

     2. Excuses longer than two days must be written by a doctor. These excuses must state the nature of limitations and length of time excused. Students must have a release from doctor to return to participate in physical activity after being off for extended time due to injury or illness. 


    Students are graded on participation preparation and cooperation. Students recieve 5 points a day with points taken off for lack of participation and  cooperation . Unprepared students recieve a 0 for the day. Students who fail to participate will also recieve a 0 for the day.  Grades are updated weekly, please check the portal for gradeprogress throughout the marking period.