Wow--A week away!

Posted by Michael Gonzalez on 8/26/2020

I can't believe we're almost here!

Hello, music fam!

Mr. G here, getting ready for the upcoming school year. Google Classrooms are up! Go to the Marking Period 1 page to find the link to your classroom (invitations were sent to your student emails--please check to see if you received one--if you did, congratulations, you're in my first marking period class! ^_^)

I understand this is a challenging start to the school year, but we'll traverse it together. We'll learn some music and enjoy the social time we have together that will be so refreshing for all of us.

To my 6th graders, welcome! I can't wait to get to know you and, once we get ourselves back in the building, meet you formally! You're going to enjoy your time here at CMS, especially in the terrific music department we have here.

Peace, Love, Music,

~Mr. Gonzalez


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