• Ms. Heim is the school counselor for all Carteret Junior High School students.

    Allison Heim has been a Carteret Public Schools staff member since September 2012. She was a middle school counselor for ten years and is now excited about the new adventure at Junior High. She is also the 504 Case Manager at the Junior High. 

    Allison was born and raised in Carteret and graduated from Carteret High School in 2004.  After high school, she attended Wesley College in Dover, D.E., where she received her bachelor’s degree in psychology. She then continued her education at Wilmington University in Dover, D.E., and received her master’s degree in School Counseling. In 2014, Allison was selected "Governor Educator of the Year,” and in  2022, she was chosen "Citizen of the Year of Carteret." Allison loves giving back to her community that helped her and will continue to do so at Carteret Junior High. Miss Heim works daily to provide her students with resources on handling peer conflict and staying motivated in the classroom to become successful adults. She also stresses the importance of college and career readiness.

    Miss Heim is a great listener and will validate the student's viewpoint, which does not mean agreement. Her goals involve building relationships with students and parents. Miss Heim will leave gaps in her schedule for unscheduled needs, use good management techniques, and set reasonable boundaries. 

    Please feel free to email Miss Heim with any questions or concerns. Go Rising Ramblers!