• English Language Arts: Grades K-8

    Every teacher in grades 1 through 8 has had extensive training in Readers Workshop. The workshop model allows teachers to develop an environment that is focused and cohesive so that students can progress at an individual rate. Students are immersed in books and are afforded the opportunity to engage in academic discourse. Differentiation and individualized learning takes place in student-teacher conferences where teachers can truly assess students’ understanding, clarify misconceptions, and support learners. The district has and will continue to support teachers in professional growth to strengthen the components, structure, and rigor of the workshop model. Students in grades 1 thru 8 are assessed using i-Ready, a comprehensive assessment program. I-Ready enables students to practice skills and progress at their own individual pace based on their initial screening. 



  • NJTV Learning Live: 

    NJTV Learning Live is a new series  the NJDOE came out with starting on April 6th.  This is a daily set of on-air classes from 9am-1pm that ranges from grades 3-6 and it taught by NJ teachers on NJTV (find your local channel).  NJTV Learning Live was created through a partnership between NJTV, the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) and the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE). Carteret Public Schools have had the honor to have a few teacher represent our amazing ELA faculty.  Their video lessons can be found below with links to ALL of the achived lessons for grades 3-6. 

    Watch NJTV Learning Live online.

    Achived Lessons by Grade Level:

Nathan Hale's Sara Jimenez 5th Grade ELA Lesson

Nathan Hale's Nikki Silva 3rd Grade ELA Lesson