• The mission of our district is to continually enhance the opportunities for our students to maximize their individual learning potential. The goal of the Social Studies Department is to prepare students to be critical thinkers, skilled communicators, and engaged and active citizens, which is achieved through the development of problem-based learning and authentic learning tasks. Through the study of various aspects of the human condition, students explore history, sociology, political science, economics, and geography. Carteret Public School District will continue to revise all Social Studies curricula to include PBLs, Amistad, and Holocaust topics, as well as expand AP offerings for students. These curricula revisions will allow us to continue to challenge students to learn from both the past and present to be prepared to face the challenges of the future. 

    Teachers in grades 5-8 use the IXL online program, which focuses on Geography, Economics, Culture, Civics, US history, World History, and Global Studies. Teachers are able to infuse these digital resources into their lessons to challenge students to evaluate primary sources and draw connections between historical events and the world today.