• Visual and  Performing Arts 

    The district remains committed to enhancing our Visual and Performing Arts program.The Arts program focuses on creative problem solving through hands-on, authentic learning. The fine and performing arts curriculum is designed to provide the students with knowledge while refining technique and embracing their creative talents. At the elementary and middle school levels students receive vocal music and art on a weekly basis. Students who are interested have the ability to join the band and/or chorus. In addition, all schools offer an After School Theater Production Seminar. All students are invited to participate in the program. At the high school level, the Visual and Performing Arts program continues to grow rapidly which has been supported and enhanced through our district’s budget. We offer a variety of courses for students with all levels of ability. For the 2023-2024 school year,  Carteret plans on offering the following classes: 

    Band, Wind Ensemble, Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Choir, Honors Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, Introduction to Piano/Keyboarding, Design A, Design B, Art Appreciation, Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Honors Art, Introduction to Fashion Design, Introduction to Acting, and Theater Production. Throughout the year several of our courses compete in competitions as well as perform for the schools, district, and community.