Inclement Weather

  • State School Law requires that schools be open at least 180 days during a school year. It is essential that school be closed as seldom as possible. When the weather is stormy and the schools are kept open, parents should use their own judgement as to whether to send their children to school or to keep them home. This decision will vary according to location and according to age of the children. If, in your judgement, attendance at school will endanger the health or safety of your child, please keep him/her home.

    Once your child is in school, an attempt will be made to keep him/her there until regular dismissal time. However, emergencies (natural--storm conditions; and other--electrical failure) do occur. It may become necessary to dismiss your child early because of such an emergency. Please arrange with a neighbor to take care of your child if, in such an emergency, you are not home. Because of the unexpected nature of emergency conditions, please make arrangements now with a neighbor and explain to your child that if he/she returns home and you are not there, he/she is to go to this neighbor's home.

    From time to time, weather conditions dictate school closing. This is done to insure the safety of your child or children. Listed below is a delayed opening schedule:

    • 9:15 a.m. Carteret High School
    • 9:50 a.m. Carteret Junior Jigh
    • 9:50 a.m. Carteret Middle School
    • 9:50 a.m. Columbus, Minue, & Nathan Hale

    Delayed school opening permits snow to be plowed, ice spots sanded, and normal rush hour traffic to lessen. Children will thus avoid some of the hazards encountered on stormy weather days.

    Delayed openings or school closing will be posted on the main page of our district website and on our social media pages. We will also activate our emergency call system providing that the parent has provided the district with a valid phone number. You are reminded NOT TO CALL THE POLICE OR BUS COMPANY.

    Thank you for helping us make your child's trip to school a safe one.


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