• Carteret Public Schools Bilingual/ESL


    Phone: 732-541-8960, ext. 6023 


    The mission of the Bilingual/ESL program is to ensure our students acquire English Language proficiency while preserving their native language. 

    The Bilingual  Education program takes into consideration the cultural background of the students in the program and at the same time introduces the students to the culture of the United States. 

    Upon registering, every student, together with his/her parents or guardians, completes a Home Language Survey Form. Once completed  and a review of school records is done.  If eligible students are administered the ACCESS Screener or Model, both State approved assessments, to determine if students will need  Bilingual/ESL services.


    Instruction is delivered by a certified Bilingual Education teacher.  The Bilingual Spanish Teacher provides full day instruction in all content areas in a self-contained classroom. The Bilingual Punjabi Teacher provides each student with a minimum of 1 Bilingual Punjabi periods in mathematics, science and or social studies. In addition all Bilingual students receive a minimum of 2 periods of  ESL each day from a highly qualified ESL teacher.


    A certified ESL teacher utilizes a combination of the “push in” and “pull out” models to offer students a daily developmental second-language program based on students’ needs. In addition to providing small-group literacy support in the mainstream classroom during the Language Arts block, the ESL teacher also pulls students into a small-group instruction setting according to grade and proficiency level. During this time, the ESL teacher follows a curriculum based on the WIDA standards and provides instruction to strengthen the students’ language in all the four domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.The ESL students are provided with the same material as the general education students. 


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