Program Supervisor: Josephine Wilson

            Email: jwilson@carteretschools.org

            Phone: (732) 541-8960 x6030

  • The district continues to enhance its English Language Arts program to support our learners and the NJSLS. Every teacher in grades 1 through 8 has had extensive training in Readers Workshop. The workshop model allows teachers to develop an environment that is focused and cohesive so that students can progress at an individual rate. Students are immersed in books and are afforded the opportunity to engage in academic discourse. Differentiation and individualized learning takes place in student-teacher conferences where teachers can truly assess students’ understanding, clarify misconceptions, and support learners. The district has and will continue to support teachers in professional growth to strengthen the components, structure, and rigor of the workshop model. Students in grades 1 thru 8 are assessed using i-Ready, a comprehensive assessment program. I-Ready enables students to practice skills and progress at their own individual pace based on their initial screening. 

    Our high school curriculum consists of a balanced literacy approach. Students are engaged in both fiction and nonfiction reading and writing. Multiple levels are offered for each course and are designed to meet the needs of individual students. Students read a selection of both contemporary and classical works and research is required in all levels. For our students wishing to pursue higher level classes, we offer AP Literature and Composition, as well as AP Language and Composition. To couple the core classes, Carteret offers several elective courses in English including: Mythology, Creative Writing, Freshman Seminar, Senior Seminar, Journalism, Tomorrow’s Teachers, and SAT Prep.

    In all levels, budgetary funds are allocated to support supplemental and replacement programs and resources to support the academic needs of students identified through the analysis of state and local benchmark data. Curriculum revisions are ongoing and supported through this budget.