Financial Literacy

  • Welcome to Mr Farrar’s Economics Lab! I am so excited to work with you this year! You can find me during PBSIS in room 202 for additional help. We use Google classroom and Junior Achievement workbooks to submit assignments.


    This semester we will be discussing how to do the following:

    1)Write a check(Including how to interpret deductions)

    2)Apply to colleges,and/or obtain;student loans ,scholarships,grants and financial aid.

    3)Make career choices

    4)Finance a Car

    5)Apply for and pay for a Mortgage.

    6)Make investments

    7)Plan for Retirement

    *The semester will culminate with a class trip to Finance Park in Raritan center!

    *Tyrannasaurus Debt Video

    Finance Park classroom trip images.

    Zoom link for parent teacher conference1:15-2pm:

    Zoomlink for parent/teacher conference: