It is very important that you be present for classroom instruction. However, we cannot control emergencies that may arise. If you miss class, it is YOUR responsibility to do the make-up work.

    If you are absent, meet with another student in your class to find out what you missed.  

    Please check Google Classroom for any assignments that may be posted for that day. If no assignments are posted, please check with a classmate the following day. You can also email me nloprimo@carteretschools.org about the lesson for the day. I try to post lesson notes at the end of the day in Google Classroom. 



    Two Iready assignments must be passed each week. Monday morning starts a new week and Sunday evening ends the week. Each assignment is worth 5 points. If you pass both, you will receive 100% (10/10), if you only pass one you will receive, a 50% (5/10), and if you do not do any then you will receive a 0% (0/10).

    It is imperative that you complete these each week as it will affect your grade if you do not. It also helps you build your fundamental math skills, so completing these will benefit your mathematical learning. 



    If you did not complete a graded assignment or homework, there will be a penalty for handing it in late.  It is expected that the missed assignment will be handed in the following school day.  Please make sure you hand in the missing assignment.

    IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO HAND IT IN (unless the marking periods have changed)

    If you are absent, you must hand in the homework and/or class work the day you return.



    Extra credit is given out occasionally. Please do not depend on extra credit to raise your grade. When you do receive extra credit, I strongly suggest that you do complete it because it could make a huge difference in your grade. I usually give 2-3 days for extra credit to be completed, so there is plenty of time for you to complete it. EVEN IF YOU ONLY COMPLETE SOME OF IT, HAND IT IN. EXTRA CREDIT CANNOT HURT YOUR GRADE, IT CAN ONLY IMPROVE IT.



    You can earn scratch off tickets (birthday, 100 on test, etc.)  or you can “buy” them with your tickets that you earn. Each scratch-off ticket has a prize and some are no winners as well. You can redeem your scratch-off tickets anytime through June 1, 2023. 



    ARRIVE TO CLASS ON TIME or detention will be given. This does not mean that you should be running through the door as the 2nd bell rings; you should be in the classroom before the 2nd bell rings. Go quickly and quietly to your seat and immediately check the board for the do-now.  Sharpen your pencil if needed and start on the assignment right away.


    TAKE NOTES EVERY DAY. When I am teaching a lesson, you are to take notes. When I show a lesson on the screen and complete problems with you, you should be taking notes. EVERYONE has to take their own notes in their OWN notebook. Please be sure that you label the notes to the unit and lesson we are learning.


    EVERYTHING HAS ITS OWN PLACE.  Return all materials to its proper place and keep the classroom CLEAN!!


    DO NOT TOUCH WHAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. Unless given permission from Mrs. LoPrimo, students do not touch the screen in the front or white boards in the classroom. Students should also not take anything from Mrs. LoPrimo’s desk or “work areas.”


    ITEMS TO BRING WITH YOU EVERYDAY: notebook, folder, pencil with eraser, textbook