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    Mrs. DeQuarto’s Math Class! 

    Goal of the Class

    The goal of this class is to help each student develop their own mathematical and problem-solving mind. During the course of the year, the students will learn the skills to solve problems in logical and creative ways.  In order to succeed in this class, you will need to cooperate, participate and have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!! Of course, there may be some obstacles hard to overcome, but I will always be here to help!

     My policies...


               You can Bee all you want to bee !!!!!   

                        Work hard and you will succeed!!!! 



      Recommended Supplies for Class

    1.   Agenda Notebook (Homework Pad)
    2.   Two Pencils, Blue/Black Pen, Correcting Pen ( red), Highlighter, and dry erase maker and an old sock. 
    3.   Math Binder – I recommend a 1” three ring binder with flaps on the inside.
    4.   Folder – This folder will keep Tests, Quizzes and misc. items. It will be kept in your binder.
    5. Dividers
    6.   Calculator (TI30Xa) - we supply them to use at school but not to take home.
    7. Old sock and dry erase marker


    My suggestion for the binder should be broken into:

    Do Nows




    Extra Papers

    Class Policies

    1.   All assignments are to be kept inside of your Math Binder.  This will prove helpful during reviews and test preparation.


    1.   If you are absent, meet with another student in your class to find out what you missed.  It is YOUR responsibility to get the work.  If there is a problem with getting homework/classwork from any other student in your class, you are always welcome to ask me.  I recommend exchanging phone numbers with other students.
    2.   HOMEWORK -
    3.   Your homework is expected to be completed by the following day. 
    4. Homework is graded. You receive a point if done and a 0 in not. At the end of the week you get a grade on realtime for the week end. (i.e. HW weekend 9/10 ...A) (if there were 5 days of school and you did all 5 then get a 5).
    5.   Homework is posted to schoology and my teacher page - DAILY. 
    7.   If you did not complete a graded assignment, there will be a penalty for handing it in late.  You may hand it in the next day for 50% credit. Assignment will not be accepted after that.  
    8.   If you are absent, you must hand in the homework the day you return. 


    1.   ALL tests, quizzes and select homework assignments can be signed after grading for extra points on the test.  If, for some reason, you have ‘lost’ your item to be signed, a signed note is acceptable from your parents stating that they have seen the item and the score. 
    2. Grading – is based on a point system
    3.       Classwork (note taking, classwork & Attentiveness) –  40 % of your grade - Assigned Various Points (A lot of the work we will be doing will consist of classwork.  You will be graded on your effort, quality of work and the ability to work with others to complete the tasks and/or presentations.)
    4.   Graded Homework – 10% of your grade
    5.   Tests/Quizzes50 % of your grade
    6.   Activities – Will be graded with classwork
    7.   Projects Will be included with classwork grade
    8. Behavioral Issues- Although I do not anticipate any problems, from time to time there are occurrences, so, I will mark my attendance sheets with the problem that is occurring.  If I mark it three (3) times I will then ask you to leave.  If I mark it once or twice I will be calling home to try and fix the occurrence.  



    Classroom Expectations

    1)     Come to class on time and prepared. For maximum learning, students should be in class prepared with the necessary materials to work efficiently and effectively.  The 2nd bell signifies that class has begun…not the time you are supposed to “make it in the door.”  A Do-Now will be assigned and you are expected to work on it as soon as the bell has rung.


    2)     Lateness – After the 4th time you are late to class I will start writing up central detentions and the school has consequences that will be reviewed with you at another time.


    2)      Class time should not be interrupted. The first couple minutes of class is reserved for preparing for the lessons (getting organized, sharpening pencils or obtaining supplies) and completing your Do-Now.  Class Time is reserved for exploring and learning concepts.  During instruction, try not to ask to go to the bathroom or get a drink, for it is possible you may miss a concept.  Try to ask to go during work-time.  Behavioral disturbances are not acceptable for they may distract other students.


    3)       RESPECT each other with ALL of your actions and words. Regardless of the reason or purpose, refrain from touching, kicking, etc. another student. Name-calling, “dissing,” insults and profanity will not be tolerated.  This classroom is a positive learning environment.  We are to support each other in the learning process, not discourage each other. 


    4)      Everything has its own placeReturn all materials to its proper place and keep the classroom CLEAN!!

    5)      When you see me raise my hand that means I need you to stop and pay attention.


    Please fill out and return


    Part ONE


    Parents please provide an email for me so that we can keep in contact with each other.

    Please feel free to contact me at sdequarto@carteretschools.org for any issues or concerns you may have.




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     Part TWO


    This year I would also like to take photos of your children and post it to my teacher page.  Please check the appropriate box and sign your name.

    ____Yes, I can take photos of your child. ____No, I can not take photos of your child.


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