Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Morrison

I began my teaching career at Carteret High School as a student teacher in 2012. Immediately after completing this training I was hired as a long term substitute at Carteret Middle School. Then Principal Mrs. Spiga created a brand new elective, Global Studies,  in 2013 and offered me the position to not only teach it but create the curriculum. 

A year later, my mentor Mrs. Romero was promoted to VP of Carteret High School (She's now the Principal here at CJHS) and I was moved into her classroom to teach 8th grade History. I have been in the social studies department ever since and I love it! 

Starting in 2014 I became the Student Council Advisor with Miss Heim at CMS, roles we continue here together at CJHS

I was also able to lead and create our very first Student lead digital show called "The Weekly Flight, which we renamed to "The Rise" in 2021. I have been in charge of this program as well as all digital/social media at CMS/CJHS from 2015-present.