Mr. Michael Gonzalez- CMS Choral Director-

  • Music Theory (Grade 6, 7, and 8)

    Music Theory (on your schedule as Music 6, Music 7, or Music 8) is a marking-period long course that provides students a foundation for reading and composing music as well as a look into components of our Band and Choir classes. Students in music will explore theory concepts pitch and rhythm, dynamics and tempo, and composition, but will also gain knowledge with instrument families and beginning vocal technique.

    Music Theory II (available for students in 7th and 8th grade that got an A in level 1 the previous year) will review previously learned theory concepts, but will expand into higher-level concepts, such as major scales, key signatures, intervals, and keyboard playing.

    Music Theory III (Available for 8th graders that got an A in level 1 and level 2) adds onto level 2 with the exploration of Natural Minor scales, thirds and triads, and chord and chord inversions, all while using keyboards to present information learned.

    CMS Choirs

    CMS Choirs, now heading into its fourth year in 2020-2021, has over 150 members. Our various ensembles not only learn music theory and rehearse music for performances, but also work together and build a rapport needed to grow themselves as young professionals in our community. Our ensembles participate in school concerts and functions, travel to local and regional competitions, and perform and volunteer within the community.


    Spring Concert Choir- Marking Period 3/4

    Chorus 6, Chorus 7, and Chorus 8 

    Spring Choir is a half-year performance class that teaches and reinforces the concepts of confident choral singing and musicianship. Students learn and perform a varied repertoire of three or four songs that includes selection in different styles and languages. Students learn how to read choral music and perform with proper vocal technique, while learning about the rapport and professionalism expected of them in making music together.


    ♫C.M.eSsence♫ - Carteret Middle School A Cappella Ensemble- Full Year (Audition Required)

    C.M.eSsence (Vocal Ensembles 6-8) is a full-year, double-period course that takes place on the stage. In addition to the expectations of our Spring Concert Choir classes, this  a cappella ensemble is responsible for exploring and practicing advanced Music Theory concepts and basic Piano and Keyboard skills.

    Every year, fifth, sixth, and seventh grade students may audition in the Spring for the following year. This is considered an honors music class. Students who audition and are accepted into the ensemble are expected to carry themselves with integrity and up to the pillars of our Rising Ramblers Pledge. Students will be ambassadors for the program both inside and outside of the ensemble space and will represent themselves and CMS Choirs to the best of their ability.