• Facts

  • Brief Course Description:

    This year we will challenge your minds and prepare you for success in this and future math classes. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL if you put forth your best effort. We will cover all of the Common Core and New Jersey Mathematics Standards for your grade level.


    Class Policies:

    L - listen to instructions

    E - enter and exit prepared

    A - always do your best

    R - respect yourself and others


    Parents: PLEASE CHECK REALTIME REGULARLY. I update it at least once a week. I also try to grade assignments as quickly as possible.  I will mark whether an assignment is late (with a zero and a "missing") in PowerSchool ASAP.



    Tests: At least one per chapter. Covers the entire unit of study. Notice is given well in advance.

    Quizzes: At least one per chapter. Pop quizzes may be given without notice on a smaller scale. Notice of chapter quizzes will be given well in advance.

    Do Nows/Exit Slips: Given Daily Due not necessarily the topics we are currently working on in class.

    Homework: Given daily, except quiz and test days. Students should expect to have homework Monday - Thursday.

    Projects: Each project will be assigned with its own set of requirements and information. They could count as a test, quiz, or another category of assignment.


    Grading Policies:

    Percentages: Grades are based on a weighted average.

    • Participation/Homework - 10%

    • Class Work - 40%

    • Tests/Quizzes- 50%


    • Homework is given daily. It is the practice needed in order to move on. I try my best not to over do the amount of homework daily. I grade homework on completion - not correctness. As long as you attempt it - showing work - you will receive credit. However, if you simply give answers without the work, no credit will be given. Effort needs to be shown in order to be successful and receive homework credit. Homework is not accepted late because we go over it in class. Turning in the answers that you copied from the board does NOT help you at all.

    Late Assignments: 

    • Projects and other assignments will clearly tell you the percentage of points that will be deducted for lateness.



    If you are absent, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS MISSED. Work must be made up in the amount of time that was missed. For example, if you are absent for 2 days, you have 2 days to make up the missing assignments. If you are absent the day of a quiz or test, you are still responsible for taking the quiz/test upon your return. If you have a planned absence approaching, please ask for work with enough buffer that I can pull it together for you.


    Extra Help:

    Do NOT wait until the last minute if you need extra help! Please ask, or email me, about a time we can meet to work one on one or in a smaller group. Math is cumulative and builds on prior concepts. If you don't have a good foundation, it makes new concepts that much harder!