• Carteret Public Schools Bilingual/ESL


    Phone: 732-541-8960, ext. 6023 


    The mission of the Bilingual/ESL program is to ensure our students acquire English Language proficiency while preserving their Native language. 

    The following programs are offered to students in grades K-8: 

    Full Time- Spanish Bilingual Program- Grades K-8

    Students in grade K-8 enrolled in the Spanish Bilingual program are in self-contained classrooms for all content areas. Students are offered Native language instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science & Social Studies while following the district curriculum and pacing guides. Students also receive 2 periods of high intensity ESL daily.

    Part-Time Punjabi Bilingual Program Grades K-5

    Students in grades K-5 enrolled in the Part-Time Punjabi Bilingual program are enrolled in general education classes. The Bilingual Punjabi teacher works with the students while they are in a content class, such as Math, Science and/or Social Studies for 2 periods a day. Students also receive 2 periods of high intensity ESL daily 

    High Intensity ESL- Grades K-8

    Students in grade K-8 are enrolled in a High Intensity ESL program. Students work with an ESL teacher for 2 periods daily. 


    The following Programs are offered to studenst in grades 9-12:

    High Intensity ESL- Grades 9-12

    Students enrolled in these classes receive 2 periods of ESL classes that replace their ELA classes. Teachers follow a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with the district ELA curriculum while addressing the students ELL needs.

    Full Time ESL Support- Level 1- Grades 9-10

    Students enrolled in these classes are 9th and 10th grades students that are ELL level 1-2. These students have an ESL teacher who supports  them in all their core classes- ELA, Math, Science & History, and some electives. In addition they have an one ESL period daily.