• Writing Tips:

    Responding to questions in writing

    Always restate the question using a complete sentence.

    For instance: What is your favorite food?

    Restate: My favorite food is pizza.

    Using RACES format for paragraph response

    Write at least once sentence for EACH of the following:

    R - restate the question

    A - answer the question

    C - cite textual evidence that supports your answer

    • BE SURE to also include author and page # for your citation

    E - explain what you quoted and how it applies 

    S - summarize your idea


    Try to use COPS to check your work:

    C - capitalization

    O - organization (does it flow and make sense)

    P - punctuation

    S - sentence structure

    Writing a persuasive essay

    If you are not sure where you stand on a persuasive topic (Ex: Should we keep or get rid of uniforms?) pick whichever is EASIER for you to write about.  Also, be sure you stick to only one side of the argument.