• Reading Tips:


    We can ALL become better readers simply by reading!  Here are more things that you can do to strengthen your skills as you read:

    Reread when you do not understand something.

    Make predictions.

    Make connections to yourself, the world, and other texts.

    (Does this remind you of something that happened in your life?  Something that you saw on the news?  Something in your neighborhood?  Does it remind you of a different story you read?...)

    Visualize.  Can you see what you are reading like a movie in your mind?

    Ask questions.  

    Why would this character do that?  How would I feel if that happened? etc.

    Read with expression.

    Wonder about the text.

    Think about the events, characters, and information.

    Read for enjoyment!


    If you think it is difficult to read for enjoyment, there are countless ways you can get FUN reading into your day!

    Here are just a few:


    • Find a book that you like at home, from the library, or in your classroom.  If you have a hard time finding one you enjoy, ask your teacher for guidance.  He/she will talk to you about your interests and help you find one that suits your personality.
    • Find a story online about your favorite sport, singer, food…
    • Find an audiobook.  Especially if you are a struggling reader, your teacher can help you find an audio book. Following along in the actual book is best to strengthen your reading skills.
    • Read and read a recipe.  Make it (get an adult’s help if needed).  The best part?...Eat it!
    • Play a board game or video game that involves reading
    • Think about a topic you want to learn more about (an exotic animal, an interesting country, a time in history, a celebrity…) and find some readings online!