• ESSA After School Program at Minue, Nathan Hale & Columbus Schools


    Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, elementary ESSA students participated in the after school program two days per week. The program included Math & ELA tutoring sessions and fun elective choices such as KidFit, Art, Coding and STEM. 


    Students had such fun becoming artists and creating their own masterpieces! Every two weeks, students were introduced to a new artist, such as, Yayoi Kusama, James Rizzi, Wassily Kandinsky, Alma Thomas and Laurel Buch. After examining their artwork, the students would either duplicate it or create their own! Their creativity was shown using crayons, markers and paint!


    Elem1   elem2


    During Coding, students  used iPads and the app “Swift Playgrounds” to become real life programmers! Students were able to solve interactive puzzles in the guided lessons to master the basics of coding.  Once they learned the basics, students were able to experiment with writing their own code on different games, such as rock, paper, scissors, and see it come to life!  One of the favorite activities was a virtual reality scavenger hunt, where students VIRTUALLY hid items around the classroom, and our friends had to find them!


    elem3  elem4


    Students in the Aspire High STEM group explored various topics by building, creating, investigating, analyzing, designing and engineering.


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