• A Typical Day in PreK 


    Students are greeted by their teacher and enter into an inviting classroom environment.

    Children begin the day by solving a ‘Mystery’ which, in the beginning of the year, is simply to answer a ‘Mystery Question’ and by the end of the year, students are able to solve mysteries involving numbers, shapes, patterns, letters, letter sounds and rhyme. Children gather and sit together for “Opening Group” and engage in activities that support their awareness of concepts of print and letter sounds. This time is used to build positive relationships with peers, develop oral language skills, and explore mathematics by engaging in fun activities like Share the News, Timeline Calendar, Weather Graphing and Message of the Day. 


    Throughout the day children engage in Attention Focusing Activities, Community Building Activities and Self-Regulation Activities.  Each day children participate in make-believe play, choosing one center where they’ll spend their time. Students plan their play in various ways: orally explaining their play, by drawing a play plan and by using Scaffolded Writing when they are developmentally ready for this step. Children engage with their teacher in ‘Make-Believe Play Practice’ building strong makebelieve skills, leading to higher-level play and greater self-regulation development.  Children participate in both small and large group ‘Story Labs’ that build comprehension skills. Children do ‘Buddy Reading’ or ‘Graphics Practice’  daily, as a portion of literacy instruction and also participate in small group or partnered math and science activities. The routine also schedules time for students to rest, eat snack, play outside, and engage in free play! 


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  • Make Believe Play Scenarios

    Make-Believe play is at the heart of the Tools of the Mind curriculum. When children engage in purposeful make-believe play, all domains of development are involved.  Creating scenarios where children take on roles provides them the opportunity to practice skills and communication in a fun and meaningful way. 

    PreK Skills



    We kicked off our initial Family Night with a Restaurant Theme!  Families created “Brick Ovens” for our Pizzeria center. Students can’t wait to make their pizza and then bake them during make believe play! Next we added in some donuts for The Dunkin center. We ended the night with a Pizza Party!



    The Grocery theme is a time when children can practice their reading and writing skills daily.  PreK students can READ! As you are walking or riding around town...see what your child can “Read.”  We made environmental print books, fruits and vegetables for the produce department!

  • PRE-K FAMILY NIGHT EVENT - MARCH 2020 (Pets and Vets Theme)

    During March, Our Pre-K classes began their study of Pets and Vets. We read books about pets.  Luv Furever Animal Rescue volunteered their time and pets!  Educating our PreK families on pet safety and pet training is a priority!