• ESSA After School Program at Carteret Middle School


    Carteret Middle School ESSA students were given the opportunity to participate in an after school program three days per week throughout the 2019-2020 school year. Engaging elective choices were presented to students while literacy and math tutoring sessions were also built into the schedule each afternoon. 


    Woodworking: Students in the Woodworking elective learned to safely use many tools. They drilled, sawed and hammered to build creative projects such as a birdhouse, foot stool, box, puzzle, ornaments, cars and even a guitar. 


    Coding: Students in the Coding elective used a combination of coding apps and google computer science programs to learn to code. Students created, designed, and built their own race tracks and decided rules and parameters so that they could race one another. Students also created programs for a rolling robot that had markers attached to them to collaboratively create an art piece using coding.


    Dibble Dabble: Students in the Art elective created a new daily project with the assistance of staff from Dibble & Dabble Creativity Center. They painted beautiful portraits, created collages, and even made projects out of clay. 


    Fitness: Students in the Fitness program participated in high intensity interval training in addition to TABATA workouts.  They also participated in team games such as basketball, soccer, kickball, flag football and dodgeball. Players and coaches from the Rutgers football team came to visit our students and assist in a workout session. In addition, students took a trip to Rutgers University and were given a tour of the athletic facilities! (


    Tutoring: Students were offered tutoring in ELA and Mathematics by certified CMS teachers. Homework assistance was provided in addition to working on projects and other class assignments. 


    Aspire High: Provided homework assistance in addition to developing character education. Students took Saturday trips to tour colleges and universities in NJ and PA.  

  • Rutgers Trip

    Carteret Middle School students from the ESSA After School Program were given the opportunity to visit the Rutgers University athletic facilities on March 3, 2020. Students took a guided tour of the football stadium and training facilities. Also, students were able to meet Rutgers football players and receive inspirational words of wisdom from coaches! They even took a picture with Isaih Pacheco! It was an amazing experience for all!