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    Physical Education & Health 


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    PE Rules & Expectations

    -PE class is held for Grades K-5 

    -Each class is seen 3 times per week

    -Each student’s grade is broken down into 3 major components 

    Preparation: Students must wear sneakers on their PE days in order to receive credit and participate. If wearing a skirt, the student must have shorts on underneath. Students can not have on long jewelry such as necklaces or loose bracelets. (Religious jewelry is an exception)

    Participation: The student is expected to participate in all of the activities and lessons planned for the day. It is common for students to feel timid while learning new athletic skills and participating in fitness in front of their peers. I definitely take everyone’s feelings into consideration and I do my best to accommodate my students to make sure they are in the position to succeed. However, the student  and parent must  realize that Physical Education requires physical effort from each student in order for them to learn, improve, and receive full credit in PE class.

    Sick or injured: If a student is sent to school feeling under the weather or is recovering from a minor injury causing them not to participate in PE class, they must provide me with a note from their guardian to excuse them for the day.

    If the sickness or injury is to surpass a day, they must have a note from the doctor to excuse them from PE class. The doctors note should be handed into our school nurse. 

    If a student becomes sick or gets injured at school, they will be sent to the nurse and monitored during class. 

    * PLEASE NOTE: If a student is to be excused from PE class, they are not approved to participate during Recess or in any physical activity planned for that day! ]

    Positive attitude: Students are encouraged to display good sportsmanship. I want all students to feel safe and comfortable to participate in class; negative attitudes and comments will NOT be tolerated. Behavior like this will affect the students grade in a negative way and will result in consequences.  

    Overall as a physical education teacher, I believe that the most important thing I can teach my students is a love for lifetime wellness. I strive to teach children how to take care of the most important place they are ever going to live... inside their own body

    Most importantly I want all of my students to enjoy themselves and have fun each class ! ! !