• HI, my name is Ms. Jorge and I am the 1st grade bilingual teacher at Nathan Hale Elementary School. Although, I have been a teacher for many years this is only my 3rd year in Carteret. I have 2 daughters , Nicole and Stefany. You will hear me talk about them sometimes. I also have a pet hedgehog, his name is Bandit you will see pictures of him during the school year. My students met him on Zoom calls last year. I enjoy read aloud times during our school day because it allows all of us to sit on the rug and talk about our favorite parts of the story. I look forward to meeting my new students every year and getting to know about some  of their family and cultural traditions. Everyday is a new day in our class and that is why I like to keep sunflowers around, they bring sunshine even on the rainy days.  

Ms. Jorge is always happy to see her students.
  • P-3 Certified Teacher

    K-6 Certified Teacher

    Biligingual / ESL Certified

    MS in Education and Special Education



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    Ms. Nancy Jorge