Welcome Everyone

      Health and Physical Education 

      Mrs. Paz 




    I am very excited about teaching Health and Physical Education for the 2021-2022

    school year. This will be my 14th year teaching at Carteret District! And my very first year teaching at PVT Nicholas Minue Elementary School!


    I have high expectations for all of my students and expect to see them put forth their best effort, while having fun.

     My goal this year, as in every year is to teach the students how to practice and live healthy lifestyles,

    because I believe in a healthy mind and healthy body work hand and hand with living a happy life.      



      Let's Go Ramblers! 



     Physical Education Classes 

    We learn sportsmanship, sport rules and skill, while rotating into different activities each week. 

    Students are graded on a 5 points a day system.  Particaption is how the students are graded.  Sneakers with strapes and laces are prefered for safety and must be worn to partciapte on PE days.