• Pvt. Nicholas Minue School 

    School Choir and Select Choir 


    All fifth grade students sing together in the Minue School Fifth Grade Choir. In addition, all fifth graders are welcome to audition for the Select Choir. Singing in a choir provides a great chance for students to learn more about music, hone their voices, and work on performance skills individually and as a group. During their music class time, fifth grade students will work on singing as well as learning other musical skills. The Select Choir meets once or twice a week during school hours. They are a close-knit group of students making music together. The Minue School choirs typically perform two evening concerts a year, in addition to opportunities to perform for the other students during special programs throughout the school year. Both the Middle School and the High School  provide many great musical opportunities, therefore it is essential to get a head start and have some fun with us in the Minue Choirs!