• Welcome to my teacher page!

    As the math specialist, I support both teachers and students at Private Nicholas Minue School.
    I work in collaboration with the homeroom teachers to support the students in their growth as mathematicians. The homeroom teachers and I use flexible grouping, incorporate small group strategy lessons, and confer with students to meet the needs of every learner. I also act as a resource for parents and teachers in the field of mathematics.

    One area we focus on in all of our math classes is for students to improve in the Mathematical Practices. In order for students to improve in their mathematical thinking, it is essential for students to focus on the strategies they use to solve problems and their discourse with peers in solving them.   

    If you have any additional questions about my role at Minue School, please feel free to contact me at mmohr@cartetetschools.org.  
    Mrs. Melissa Mohr