• How Can I Help My Child with Math at Home?

    Problem Solving: Allow your children to help problem solve at home. Problem solving can be done multiple times a night at home. For example, in the kitchen, if you are missing something from a recipe, or don’t have enough plates on the table, how can we fix that problem? It seems so easy, but children need to work on real-world problem solving to be successful at solving problems in math.

    Exposure: Expose your children to all different types of math scenarios, not just homework. Have a game night once a week, but allow the children to do all of the work, (read the dice, count the spaces, read the cards, count the money etc…) You would not believe how much exposure like this will help a child in the classroom! Making math fun and part of their everyday life is key!

    Fluency: It is extremely important that your child has fluency with his or her math facts. You can use addition and subtraction flash cards. Work with the students each night on math facts…addition and subtraction, whatever they need. It should take a child less than 3 seconds.