Welcome to Ms. Costa's Class! This classroom is designed to meet the needs of every diverse learner with learning delays or learning disabilities. Our main reading programs that we will be using this year are the SRA Reading Mastery and Lexia Core 5. Students are assessed during the first week of school & each student is placed at their own individual reading level based on his/her needs. In addition, students will also be assessed and be put into math groups. The programs we will be using are TouchMath and iReady. In our class we use lots of technology!  Our classroom has a SMART board, Choromebooks, and iPads. These tools allow students to participate in engaging lessons in order to maximize student learning.

    Each day your child will receive homework that must be completed and returned daily in his/her homework binder. Please be sure to check your child’s binder daily for important information and class updates. In addition, a Friday Folder will be sent home every Friday with any work that was completed over the course of the week. It is important that all work is reviewed and the folder is signed and returned on Monday. Please feel free to contact me at the school through appointment or via email at ccosta@carteretschools.org  with any questions or concerns during the school year. Let’s have a FANTASTIC YEAR!

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

    Ms. Costa