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  • Freshman Health and Physical Education

    Junior Health and Physical Education


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  • Physical Education:

    Students will be expected to follow the district guidelines for dress code for Phys. Ed. class.  They must change from their school uniform into the proper gym clothes for class.  The clothes should be either blue or black in color.  This includes their t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweatpants, shorts, and/or crew neck sweatshirt.  They must also wear socks and sneakers for class.  Students will not be allowed to participate if they are not wearing sneakers.  If students do not participate in class, their grade for the day is a zero.  There is also partial credit for class depending on their preparation however they must be wearing sneakers for any credit and participation.  All clothes must be appropriate in length.

    If students become injured or ill and can not participate in class, whether for 1 day or several days, they must have a doctor's note.  If a student becomes medically excused from class they will have to complete written assignments for their grade in the class.  It is the student's responsibility to communicate this with me.  After I am informed, I will discuss the written assignment with the student.  The assignment will be due on Friday for each week they are excused from participating in class.  If no assignment is turned in, it will result in a grade of a zero.

    Students will be given a lock and locker.  It is their responsibility to keep their lock on their locker when they are not using it.  It is also their responsibility to keep the combination to their lock in a place where they can access it if they forget it.  At the end of the year, students must hand in the lock they were assigned.  If they lose their lock there will be a fee they must pay for the lost lock.

    Cell phone use is not allowed in class.  Students should have a place where they can put their phone away once they enter the classroom.  Also if students bring their chromebook to class, they should make sure to lock it up and not have it out for their own protection.

    Health class:

    Students will be expected to bring their chromebook, pencil/pen, and folder/binder to class each day.  Students will mainly use their chromebooks in class however, at times, a pen/pencil and paper may be used.  Handouts will be given out at times, as well, so a folder will be useful to keep the student organized.  **Chrome books should be charged the night before school/class so they can be used the following day when needed. **

    Cell phone use is not allowed in class.  Students should have a place where they can put their phone away once they enter the classroom.

    Topics discussed in Freshman Health are but not limited to:

    -Health continuum/wellness


    -Teen dating, consent and dating abuse 



    Topics discussed in Junior Health are but not limited to:




    -STI's and Reproductive Systems



     Teacher schedule / Google Classroom code Sept. 2020- June 2021

    Period 1 - Phys. Ed. 3 / dn3ojjn

    Period 2 - Phys. Ed. 3 / tkgulfi

    Period 3 - Health 1 / fznmr2t   (Phys. Ed. marking periods 2,3, and 4)

    Period 7/8 - Health 1 / 3fentqk  (Phys. Ed. marking periods 2, 3, and 4)

    Period 9/10 - Phys. Ed. 3 / bld5wg4

    Period 12 - Phys. Ed. 1 / 5reav3t