• Miss Samantha Murray
    Email: smurray@carteretschools.org

    Hi! I am so excited to share this year with you and your child. My name is Miss Murray and this is my second year teaching Kindergarten! I graduated from The College of New Jersey where I received my Bachelor of Science in Education. My studies focused in Early Childhood Education and Sociology. I am a certified teacher preschool to grade 3 in New Jersey. 

    I have lived in New Jersey my whole life and I come from a big family. I am the fourth in line of five kids and my family has two dogs! In addition, I have 20 cousins and we all grew up in the same town! I love spending time with my family, taking pictures, and traveling. Part of my student teaching experience was teaching at an international school in Rome, Italy! Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s talk about the year ahead.

    I am so excited to see your child blossom this year as they learn both academically and socially. It is my goal as your child’s teacher to guide each child to reach their fullest by creating unity through diversity. I believe that students should be empowered to be knowledgeable thinkers, who are accepting of challenges, reflecting, and good communicators. I strive to create a classroom of various people who respect each other’s needs. I will create a safe environment for all of the children in the room to feel comfortable, safe, and confident in their actions inside and outside of the classroom.

    My role as a teacher will be to scaffold students’ learning so that each child can reach their fullest potential academically, physically, and emotionally each and every school day. I aim to create a classroom that allows students to feel comfortable asking for help and encourage students to express their feelings and emotions. Your child will learn how to read, write, count, explore, brainstorm, and problem solve. Each day our class will focus on letter sounds, sight words, math, and handwriting! In Language Arts, we use a program called Tools of the Mind, where the children start off with Fairy Tales and then dive into exploring with The Magic Tree House series, where our main characters are Annie and Jack. Our Math program is I Ready, where we will start off with shapes and colors and progress to numbers. Our Science and Social Studies are incorporated within our day and the Tools of the Mind Program. The children will be learning phonic skills, writing, rhyming, self-regulation, and phonemic awareness through this program as well. This year especially I will be working closely with you, on our journey in kindergarten. Through open parent-teacher communication, I will work with both you and your child so that your child reaches their fullest potential.

                                                                                                                                                -Miss Murray


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