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Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Elementary Education K-8

Mrs. Irving

    Welcome To Kindergarten!


    I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I have been teaching kindergarten for 23 years at Columbus School. I am very involved with many activities at Columbus School.  I am apart of the PTO, I&RS Team, and The Before and Aftercare Program. 

    I am very excited to meet each and everyone of you.  We will spend our year exploring new adventures and using our imaginations to soar through the curriculum.  In Language Arts, we use a Program called Tools Of The Mind, where the children start off with Fairy Tales and then dive into exploring with The Magic Tree House series, where our main characters are Annie and Jack.  Your children will be introduced to different countries and ecosystems throughout the year.  Our Math program is I Ready, where we will start off with shapes and colors and progress to numbers.  This program uses problem solving skills and techniques to help the children understand Math and solving equations.  It also has a technology component to help children master skills taught in the class and further check for understanding.  Our Science and Social Studies are incorporated within our day and the Tools of the Mind Program.  The children will use their creativity and their imaginations to help build scenery and to create backdrops.  The children will be learning phonic skills, writing, rhyming, self regulation, and phonemic awareness through this program as well.  

     I can't wait to start this amazing journey with each and everyone of you!



    Kindergarten is an amazing start to their educational careers and I can't wait to start the adventure with each of you! I can't wait to meet the kids and help them grow and establish their education. We're going to have so much fun!