• Helping Your Child Read

    When helping your child read at home, several strategies may be used to assist in working out unknown words.

    1) Tell your child to look at the picture.

    2) Tell your child to look for chunks in the word, such as it in sit or all in small.

    3) Ask your child to get their mouth ready to say the word by shaping their mouth for the beginning letter.

    4) Ask your child if the word looks like a word they already know. Does could look like should?

    5) Ask your child to go on and read to the end of the sentence. Often by reading the other words in context, they will be able to figure out the unknown word.

    6) If your child says the wrong word while reading, ask questions like:

    Does it make sense?
    Does it sound right?
    Does it look right?

    Questions to ask your child about what he/she is reading:

    1) What is this story mostly about? 
    -An animal? Friends? Family? A game? travel? An adventure? How to do something? Learning a lesson? Sports? Mystery?

    2) Is this a fiction or a non-fiction piece?

    3) Who is telling a story? 
    -A person? An animal?

    4) Who are the characters?

    5) What is the setting?

    6) Can you retell a story? 
    -What happens first, next, then, last?

    7) Why are you reading this piece? 
    -for information or enjoyment?

    8) What type of text is this? 
    -book, magazine, newspaper, internet?