• Unforgettable Quotes by my Students

    1. "Saturn and Uranus are married because they both have rings."- Trinity Chapman, 2nd grader

    2. "I don't feel good, there's an explosive in my head!"- Anonymous 1st grader

    3. "Did you get married twice... because there are 2 rings on your finger?"- Anonymous 1st grader

    4. "The sound /sh/ means to be quiet!" -Anonymous Kindergartner

    5. Mrs. Muniz: "What's the magic word.... it's PLEASE AND THANK YOU!"
        Kindergarten Student: "No it's not... it's AB-RA-CA-DAB-RA!"

    6. "Humidity is when wet hits the floor and it plops up"- Anonymous 2nd grader

    7. "Sully up... RISE UP"- Ms. Sullivan's 1st grade class 2019- 2020

    8. Mrs. Muniz: "Blend what you see..." 
        Students: "/c/ /o/ /t/  COT! It's like when police CAUGHT bad guys."