• Pre-K Supply List 2021- 2022 

    - 1 backpack (large enough to fit a file folder and lunch bag) NO WHEELS!
    - 1 box of washable markers
    - 4  black dry erase markers (MUST say “dry erase”)
    - 1 pair (child size) dark socks (for cleaning off dry erase boards)
    - 2 boxes of disinfecting wipes such as Lysol or Clorox
    - 1 box of tissues
    - 1 family photo labeled on back
    - A complete set of clothes, including socks and sneakers
    - 1 crib sheet and blanket for Rest Time. 
    - 1 Family Photo 

     Please put all items in a bag or box 
    (please label with your child’s name.)

    Please have your child bring these items during the first week of school.
    (But not necessarily on the first day!) 

     Thank you!
    Mrs. Santiago