• To the parents of _____________________________________,

    Students who are placed in my RTI class are receiving small group reading instruction. My name is Mrs. Muniz and I am thrilled to be your child’s intervention teacher. I am working with your child for 30 minutes per day. The program I am implementing is called Orton-Gillingham. It is a multisensory program that will enable students-- by direct instruction, to review, learn new concepts, practice, and apply what they are learning. It provides a solid phonics approach that is multisensory, systematic, structured, sequential, cumulative and success oriented. Most importantly, students are acquiring concepts that are stored in their long-term memories.

    Our English language has two components:

    1. Phonetic words, which can be sounded out. It follows the rules in our English Language. Phonetic concepts are taught each week. Once concepts are taught, students apply them in words, sentences and stories. 

    2. Non-phonetic words, which are considered sight words/ red words, and are memorized through multi-sensory techniques. Non-phonetic words can be irregular words, and may not follow the rules in our English Language. In most cases, the student has not yet learned the letter-sound correspondences in the word. Red Words should be studied daily in order to be successful in mastering how to both read and write each word. 

    Each week I review, teach new concepts, discover, apply, and assess from mastery. The goal of the program is that once students learn how to phonetically sound out words AND memorize how to read and write Red Words, the students will grow confident as an independent reader. 

    Practice makes us better. 

    Mrs. Muniz