• “There is nothing to which education is subordinate save more education.’’

                                                           John Dewey

                                                           Democracy and Education



    Dear Students:

    I want to welcome you to our mathematics class.  I look forward to having a fun and productive academic year.  I want to share with you some of my thoughts on mathematics education.

    Mathematical knowledge and reasoning helps us to intelligently explore the complex world that is around us.  It is not really about when we will use this particular topic or skill.  It is more about becoming skilled as thinkers and problem-solvers. We gather knowledge and skills so that we can acquire new knowledge and skills that will help us to adapt to our changing world.  Do we not want to tackle the many educational, vocational, personal, and social issues that we will confront in our lifetimes?  It is a challenge, like the study of mathematics.

    My hope is that all of my students will accept this challenge and see the value in the study of mathematics.  I do believe that mathematics can be fun.  I need your help to make this happen.  Please remember that this is our class and that we must all prepare, study, learn, explore and, yes, even teach.  I want you to be active participants in your own education.  Help each other, learn from each other, and please know that I am generally available after school if you have any questions.


    Dr. L. Masse





    We can Make the Climb.

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    Students are expected to bring the following to class:


    Pencils and Pens


    Text and Workbook

    A Positive Attitude

    *Please note that accommodations can be made for students who have already purchased supplies.  However, a separate notebook and folder is definitely required for our class.



    Class Rules













    Link to the online TI-84 Calculator
    This is an online learning center.  Students can explore practice question from Algebra I, II, and Geometry.


    This is a link to the resources for a book that is similar to the one that we are using in class. 



    This is a link to a Precalculus resource site and learning center.




    Login Page for the online Algebra II book.



    Alternative Login Page for the online Algebra II book.



    The link for The Khan Academy.  The website contains videos on many mathematical topics.