• Hello Class!

    Here you will find an assortment of resources and other information that will help you succeed in my class!  Enjoy and feel free to email me at
    For more up to date resources please refer to the Google Classroom page we use in class.
    2020 Virtual Info:
    For 2020 Fall Semester Virtual Information Please Refer To The Below Welcome Instrcutions For Your Class. This will provide you will the needed Google Classroom Code and other important information.  
    Please see our Google Classrom for the Zoom Invitiation and Password. Attendance will be taken promptly at the beginning of each class on zoom.  
    Goolge course Codes:
    Period 3-5 CP Chem ----------   rbvc7uj
    Period 7-10 CP Chem ---------  tfpa4wj
    Period 11-12 Honors Chem --  dfwovqc   
    --Mr. Garritt