Sat Sri Akal (Hello),

    This is the seventh year that Punjabi is being taught at Carteret  High School as an official foreign language. As you may know, it is helpful to know more than one language. Punjabi is a beautiful language, and, in addition to learning the language, students will learn about Punjabi culture and traditions.

     It's important for all students to be on top of their work. If you ever want extra help, feel free to reach out to me after our Zoom class or email me separately. 

    Parents/ guardians, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child and my class, you can reach out to me at hkaur@carteretschools.org. I also encourage you to keep your students on track during these difficult times.

     As long as you do your work and participate during class, you have nothing to worry about. I'm always here to help!


    Mrs. H. Kaur


    Look under CLASSROOM NEWS for class rules (esp. with Zoom)!

    See RESOURCES for extra practice and under helpful links.