• Je m'appelle Rodrigue AMOUZOU !

    My name is Rodrigue Amouzou ! I am African American. I am from TOGO, in West Africa. Togo is bordered to North by Burkina Faso;to the South by the Atlantic Ocean;to the West by Ghana and to the East by Benin Republic.There are about 50 languages and dialects spoken in Togo. French is Official Language. It is taught from the Elementry Schools to colleges.The climat is Tropical.

    My Schedule this school year is as below:


    French 2 /Period 1


    French 3/ Period 2


    French 2 / Period 4-5


    French 1/Period 7-8 


    French 1 /Period  9-10


    French 1/ Period  11


    Virtual students support       1:20 pm  to  2:10 pm


    Virtual Parents Support        2:10 pm  to  2:37 pm